Why Us?

Dr. Tom Jessiman has been practicing chiropractic in Thunder Bay for over 35 years.

We have seen thousands of patients come through our office over that time. And we’re happy to say that we still see patients that we saw three + decades ago, along with their children and grandchildren.

Those years of experience, combined with staying on the forefront of advancements in treatments and protocols has allowed Dr. Jessiman to be able to provide advanced forms of care to address the causes of the problems that lead to patients seeking our care.

Most treatments for pain are directed to the symptom, not the cause. This has created a massive market for drug companies to sell pain medication in varying degrees of intensity with sometimes catastrophic outcomes. None of these treat the cause of the pain.

Pain is not a lack of “pain killer” in the system.

We know that the human body is a self-healing and self-regulating entity. This is obvious by the fact that when we sustain an injury, our body begins processes to correct the problem. We do not need to direct the body to heal a cut or a broken bone. It knows what to do. When we walk into a bright room, we don’t have to tell our eyes to shrink the lens to adapt to the light. Our eyes know.

All of these processes are under the controls of the nervous system that consists of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system that connects to every cell, organ and tissue in the body.

The brain is protected by the skull and the spinal cord is covered by 24 moving vertebra which make it more susceptible to aggravation.

When these bones lose normal position they interfere with normal nerve function to cells, organs and tissues. This is called Vertebral Subluxation Complex, and can show itself as Pain.

Our evaluation techniques allow us to identify where these areas of interference are and in what sequence the corrections need to be made to remove the interference and allow normal recuperation to proceed. This allows a very precise treatment and quicker response time.

Let Us Bring Out The Best In You!