Neck Pain

What causes neck pain?

Your neck is the most vulnerable part of your spine. Not only does it support your 10- to 13-pound head but it also has to allow movement of your head in all planes of motion. The neck is also the channel that allows connection from “computer central”, your brain, to every organ, tissue and cell in your body.

Pain, stiffness and loss of mobility in the neck is the result of changes in the movement of the bones in the neck, putting pressure on nerves. This happens for a number of reasons, including accidents, sudden movement, poor posture, sitting at a computer, driving, lifting, sleeping positions and contact sports, to name a few. When those symptoms don’t resolve, a serious underlying problem is indicated. The problem can lead to the degeneration of joints and soft tissue, causing arthritis, changing spinal curves and narrowing of the spinal channel.

Our approach to neck pain is to locate the underlying cause. Remember, pain is not a lack of aspirin in the body. Our examination gives special attention to structures and function of the spine and its effects on the central nervous system. Neck pain may also be felt in other parts of the body called “referred pain” and may include:

  • Arm, hand and finger pain, tingling, weakness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Front and back chest pain, breathing difficulty, asthma-like breathing problems
  • Poor sleep, insomnia and fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as a loss of appetite, indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation

If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t wait. Call us to “bring out the best in you”.