Few occasions make parents feel as helpless as when their children are suffering pain.

Colic, unexplained crying, ear infections, growing pains, joint pain, poor appetite, allergic reactions and breathing problems can often be traced to nerve system irritation from spinal misalignment.

We don’t treat earaches but assist the body in reviving it’s inborn healing ability naturally, without drugs or surgery.

Our evaluation techniques identify where nerve irritation exits. Our corrective techniques are designed to gently correct any problems that may contribute to nerve irritation.

With the problem removed, the body then does what it is designed to do and healing begins.

During the first few years of life, children develop from helpless infants into fearless adventurers! Bumps and falls come with children’s desire to learn everything about the world around them. These injuries can cause trauma to the spine.

The concentration concerns of ADD and ADHD have been associated with lifestyle and environmental stressors as well as physical and neurological components that we address.

The trauma of birth often leads to the development of cranial and spinal segmental dysfunctions known as subluxations, which manifest in the form of infantile colic. The symptoms arise between birth and 24 weeks.

Persistent crying is uncomfortable for the baby, stressful for parents and has been linked to post-partum depression.

Persistent crying is also the leading cause of Shaken Baby Syndrome and a major precursor for child abuse and neglect in general.

Research studies show up to 94% of infantile colic resolves quickly with chiropractic care.

As your child develops through the stages of growing, external forces constantly impact their progress.

The “stress of life” is present at all levels.

Falls when learning to walk, run and jump.

Toddlers learning new activities on tricycles and climbing.

School aged kids faced with new physical stressors of sitting at school, new sports and in less than ideal positions with electronic devices.

Any of these activities can contribute to spinal misalignment and interference in the nervous system, that shows up as a signal that the body is not happy with the condition.

Using medication as a treatment may provide some immediate satisfaction, but many side effects can occur and over time stronger doses may be necessary which lead to more unwanted effects.

The human body is a self healing self regulating entity that will look after itself given the opportunity and without interference.

Chiropractic care is designed to identify and remove nerve interference allowing the bodies uninterrupted healing to proceed.

Your child’s symptoms are your clue. Let us help.