Back Pain

Lower back pain is very common. 85% of the population will experience disabling low back pain at least once in their life. Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in adults aged 30-50. Lower back pain results in millions of dollars in lost work time.

Pain is a warning sign. Like the piercing sound of a smoke alarm, the alarm is not the problem. The alarm has a cause that set it off just like aches and pains have a cause.

Pain comes from nerve irritation that can originate in different areas of the spine including the facet joints that connect each spinal bone or the discs that lie between each spinal bone.

Our evaluation techniques specifically identify where your pain is coming from and what needs to be done to relieve your lower back pain. The simplicity and success of this approach has been documented in numerous research projects and has helped many avoid surgery.

Is your lower back pain a serious problem? Why are the results so overwhelmingly in favour of chiropractic? Research from Canada, the US, the UK and New Zealand has reaffirmed that chiropractic treatment is more effective than alternative treatments for lower back pain. Chiropractors have more thorough training in spinal mechanics than those in any other profession. Studies show that chiropractic care gets back pain sufferers back to work faster and at less cost than other treatments

What are Your Options?

One approach to your pain is bed rest. But research shows that prolonged bed rest can actually delay recovery and make the problem worse. Physical therapy is another option. But exercising spinal joints that aren’t working right is like continuing to drive a car after it has had its front end misaligned.

Another choice is drugs to numb the pain and cover it up. While drugs can offer temporary relief, they can’t correct functional problems of affected spinal joints and what about the side effects?

The most dramatic measure is surgery. Surgery can results in parts of the spine being cut off or fusing parts together. This is very risky and once done is not reversible. More than half of all back surgeries fail.

Chiropractic is the treatment of choice for lower back pain to get you pain free and back to proper function in the shortest time and at the least cost.

See us first for a thorough consultation and examination to evaluate structural function and to identify if chiropractic should be your treatment of choice to correct your problem.

Chiropractic is the most conservative and the least invasive form of treatment.

“Let us bring out the best in you”